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Remote shutdown of TeraStation
« on: August 11, 2009, 12:09:29 am »

Is there a way to shutdown a TerraStation (1GB) from a Windows PC without having to login to the web interface? For example I would like to create a shortcut command from my desktop to turn off the TerraStation, or have this command executed when I turn off my computer.







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Re: Remote shutdown of TeraStation
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2009, 09:18:00 am »

Not sure if you can initiate this from NasNavigator, but I'd guess no, as Buffalo doesn't support any native CLI interface.  You could try to script a series of web-posts to call the button in the web gui, but may not be practical.  Other than that, think that's about it.  The newer models have support for auto-on (based on Wake-on-Lan) technology, as well as sleep-modes (you can set timers to have the system turn on and off).



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Re: Remote shutdown of TeraStation
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2009, 02:00:41 am »

While waiting for Buffalo to get moving on such requests. I have found a partial solution to this problem.


 I use the Dejaclick Firefox plugin which can be used to record and replay common browser procedures.

I have recorded the browser sequence of steps used to shutdown my TS.


When I'm not using my TS, I just hide the DejaClick toolbar in my browser.

When I want to shutdown my TS, it only requires two clicks of the mouse.


I know you wanted a CLI interface but in the interim, this may help some people.



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Re: Remote shutdown of TeraStation
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2009, 01:33:35 pm »

I've had the same problem. The terastation runs in the basement while all the PCs and other clients are in the first floor. So I either had to go down to the basement and switch it off by hand or log in into the terastations webinterface, navigate to maintenance->shutdown->Apply and confirm to shutdown the terastation. -> Anoying! What I wanted to have is a simple icon on my windows desktop (or even in startmenu, or quickstart-bar) that shutdown the terastation immediately by just clicking on that icon.

Voila here it is: If you want to know how it works, read the following section. If you just want to get it work, jump to "How to do"

How it works:
I've done some investigations what happens when you shut down the terastation via webinterface. I recorded the http traffic between my browser and the terastation with "http recorder" (a shareware software from westbroke software you can find here: I found out that the shutdown was initiated by a http post request to the url "/cgi-bin/ts.cgi?page=maintenance&mode=shutdown&type=setup" which has the text "txtClickButton=shutdown" as body. So I wrote a little visual basic script the emulates the same request without a browser. But the terastation webserver complains about missing authentication if you ar not logged in. So you have to pass along your username and password in cleartext as part of the url also. If that doesn't matter to you you can try the following script:

How to do:
-open notepad-editor on your pc
-copy and paste the following five lines of code to your new file


msgbox "[message-text]",vbExclamation,"Shutdown Terastation"
Set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
xml.Open "POST", "http://[user-name]:[password]@[terastation-name]/cgi-bin/ts.cgi?page=maintenance&mode=shutdown&type=setup", False
xml.Send "txtClickButton=shutdown"
Set xml = Nothing

-the first line of the script shows a message box with an ok-button on your screen when executed. If you dont want to get such a "are you shure"-messagebox displayed drop the line completely. Otherwise replace [message-text] with the text you want to be displayed.

-in the second line replace [terastation-name] with the network-name of your terastation or the ip-adress of your terastation. I prefer to adress it by name because of using dynamic ip-adresses in my home network (DHCP). If you use static ip-adresses in your network you can also use something like that (replace it with your own ip-adress which you can find out by running the terastation client utility on your pc).

-replace [user-name] with the name of your admin-useraccount on your terastation (the same you have to type in when you open the terastations webinterface)

-replace [password] with the password of your admin-useraccount on your terastation (the same you have to type in when you open the terastations webinterface)

So finally the code will look something like this:


msgbox "Die Terastation wird jetzt heruntergefahren!",vbExclamation,"Terastation herunterfahren"
Set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
xml.Open "POST", "http://admin:xyz@hd-htgl7fc/cgi-bin/ts.cgi?page=maintenance&mode=shutdown&type=setup", False
xml.Send "txtClickButton=shutdown"
Set xml = Nothing


Save the file named as "shutdown_terastation.vbs" whereever you want (i.e. C:\Programme\Terastation\...). Executing this script by doubleclick will shutdown your terastation a view seconds later (be patient!). If you want, create shortcuts to the script and place them on your desktop, in your startmenu and/or your quickstart-bar.


Maybe your firewall will prevent the vbs-script accessing the terastation so you have to configure it to pass the requests through (in most cases done by clicking ok in an popup-window).


Meanwhile there are lots of different versions of terastations around. Not shure if the above script will work for all of these. I have developed it with a first generation terastation (no live, no pro, no home server). But I'm shure it would work something similar, too. So give it a try.

P.S.: If you place a shortcut to the script on your desktop and you want it to have a icon that looks like the terastation itself, you can create a .ico-file you for that. Place it in the same folder as the above script. Then right click on your desktops shourtcut, choose "Eigenschaften"->"Verknüpfung"->"Anderes Symbol" then choose the .ico-file. (I'll try to upload mine. But not shure if that forum allows me to do that)


Have fun...

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