Author Topic: LS210 - can ping it but not available to access through NAS Nav or web access  (Read 10611 times)


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I have an LS210 and I cannot access this drive. It shows up on my IP network and I can ping it but it is not available though NAS NAV or File Explorer. I cannot access web access through the IP either I get an error that connection is refused. This just all happened recently until about a month ago I had no issues accessing the drive. I have turned SMB setting on in windows but no difference.

I have a lot of important stuff on that drive and would like to recover it. I think I tried a firmware update and it failed but I was able to access it after that.

Kinda' desperate here.



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Same problem here, and I review a few topics with an issue of that kind and nobody had a solution?
I am about to throw that product in the garbage and never buy from Buffalo again.

The issue is, I can ping the NAS, but cannot access it via http or via NAS Navigator app (and yes, I have the latest version 2.9.11)



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Does it show up at all in NasNavigator?

Responding to ping but not being able to access services could mean itís in emergency mode. If so I would expect you would see it in NasNavigator or lsupdater.

What have you tried so far?