Author Topic: Mirroring files onto Linkstation Mini using Robocopy does not seem to work  (Read 651 times)


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Hi All,


I own the cute little Linkstation Mini, which sits silently doing its job.  However, I have been trying to setup some Robocopy jobs and I have been having problems.


I have several PCs in my home and I want to setup a Robocopy job on each one, to mirror a specific folder from each, onto the Linkstation mini.  I run each job once, to copy all the files over (using /MIR to mirror).  However, when I re-run the jobs Robocopy starts copying all of the files, even though they have not changed!?  I can't see anything wrong with the file times on the Linkstation Mini, but I have used Robocopy for years, and never had this problem .

Does anyone have any ideas?

Also, I see that there is a new version of the firmware (1.05).  I am running 1.04.  However, I cannot find a change log or release notes for the new firmware (even in the download).  Is there one anywhere, and does it have anything relevant to this issue in it (fingers crossed) ?

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Best guess is that the timestamps are coming back as different which results in Robocopy treating them as different versions and overwriting them each time.

This thread suggests some solutions: