Author Topic: 'SHARE' is missing?  (Read 1044 times)


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'SHARE' is missing?
« on: July 26, 2009, 05:31:47 pm »

    I am a NEWBORN according to the name given to me by this forum.


   Bought a 2TB Linkstation about 2 weeks ago. {WinXP}

   Reconfigured for 1Tb Mirror.


   Just bought a Buffalo 1Tb USB External hard drive today for backups.


   I've been mapping to a dozen SHARED folders on the NAS,

   sorta a pain in the ass.


   POOF! Just looked in the MY NETWORK PLACES and they are ALL in there!


   Even the new Buffalo 1Tb External USB hard drive showed up.


   So, if your questions about the all-in-one SHARE,

   try looking in the MY NETWORK PLACES.


   Hope this helps at least one person.... :)