Author Topic: LinkStation Quad 4TB - Pros and cons for Raid 1 versus Raid 5 (and Raid 10?)  (Read 1468 times)


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This unit has 4 1TB drives.


So I've done some reading on Raid configs. Looks like for Raid 1, capacity is 2TB.  For Raid 5, capacity is 3TB.


Is this correct?


So, what are pros and cons of both?  It seems like for both configurations, if one drive goes, the bad drive can be hot-swapped with a good/new drive - all the time experiencing NO downtime.


How does the two configurations compare?  Why wouldn't everyone just utilize Raid 5 since it provides 1TB more in capacity?


Oh, I do not understand LS's Raid10, is this something I should even consider? 

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Raid 5, and i don't believe it is hot swappable.  The ts3 has a raid 5 setup with a spare drive that is restructured into the raid array if there is an issue with one of the 3 other disks if you prefer that setting.




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With raid one, you get half the space, but you can lose two drives and still recover the raid.

With raid five you can only lose one drive, but it is faster and it only takes up 25% of the space. 

You do not need to run raid 1+0 on your unit as its benifits do not apply to these units, but it is possible to run it.