Author Topic: LS220D remote access to Share folders is OK but not to files within  (Read 856 times)


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LS220 working fine when accessed locally. Cannot access any data files remotely. I have set up port forwarding.

I can access public Share folders and files via Android phone and tablet (connected to the Wi-Fi)  when using Webaccess App but when accessing instead via Android Chrome and the website I can get to the LS220 and see the public Share folders but cannot open the folders to get at the files.  I just get a Loading message that never stops.

Of interest, when I am working locally and access the LS220 via android devices and I use in Chrome App  to access my Shares it all works. Interestingly  I notice that the URL that is generated is http://(my own IP):(the external port number)/ui/#/

But when I try to access remotely from an android using the same approach the URL generated is slightly different. It is http://(my own IP):(the external port number)/st/   That link results in accessing the Share folders but won't open them to get at the files. I just get the Loading message.