Author Topic: somewhat unknown HS-DH1000GL Also Hello!  (Read 502 times)


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somewhat unknown HS-DH1000GL Also Hello!
« on: May 07, 2019, 02:27:36 pm »
Hi All.  First post and all that jazz.

Sorry to dive straight in with a technical question, but I'm sure this can't be hard:

I have a HS-DH1000GL, which I know has worked just fine in the past.  I have resurrected it, but can't connect to it.

It's IP address appears to be, although according to a port scan, all ports are closed.  It certainly doesn't respond on :80, :81 or :8080, which were the first I tried.  Did a hard reset (hold the button until it plays a little tune) but still no change.

I'm trying to connect to it on a 2-node network, although I don't have a crossover cable.  I'm assuming it should be clever enough to auto-sense the port?

I'm clearly doing something wrong, as I'm sure I remember connecting to this just on port :80 to get to the setup pages.

Any assistance very welcome!