Author Topic: Web Access not working on both WAN and LAN  (Read 764 times)


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Web Access not working on both WAN and LAN
« on: March 22, 2019, 01:31:23 am »

I have a linkstation NAS connected to my local network which is using Ubee cable modem (by my ISP) as router to the internet. For few weeks now we noticed that that web access is not working. I managed to debug the problem a bit. I noticed that if I have port forwarding enabled on the router then web access works from WAN but not on LAN. So I can access NAS with my phone if I'm using mobile data and I am not connected to the internet via the router's wifi. Now if I disable router's port forwarding then the situation is the opposite. Then I can use web access from within LAN but not from WAN. Before web access used to work from both LAN and WAN.

Can you say what the problem might be? I guess it's either related to the software of the router, the client device (phone) or the linkstation. My bet is on the router but its SW version is controlled by my ISP so I can't revert to an older SW version. I can't say anything else has changed on the system from when it used to work.



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Re: Web Access not working on both WAN and LAN
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hey, first of all thanks for posting this. i was also facing a similar trouble. this source helped me a lot.
best regards!!
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