Author Topic: Teraststion 4800 - how to change drive 1 - the boot drive?  (Read 864 times)


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I have a terastation 4800
I have got an email alert that my drive 1 has errors and it  need to be replaced.

The disk 1 is not a part of a raid, but set up as a single drive.

The raid is set up on disk2-8 with one spare disk

As i know the drive 1 also contains the boot information, so how do i replace drive 1 without loosing the data on my raid?
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Re: Teraststion 4800 - how to change drive 1 - the boot drive?
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Generally speaking, these devices create a set of separate raid1 arrays for the firmware, boot files and swap which are extended to each disk when they are initialized/formatted. I believe this includes installing the bootloader to each drive as well. You should be able to confirm this by connecting a mouse/keyboard and selecting a different drive to boot from the bios boot menu. You could also pull that drive and try rebooting without it to confirm.