Author Topic: TeraStation decraded mode > (interrupted) rebuild raid > data recovery?  (Read 897 times)


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Hello from munich germany,

big problems here with my new 8-bay TeraStation (TS5810DN), assembled with 8TB HDDs in 4 of 8 bays configured as Raid10, ergo roundabout 15TB space, so far 10 TB in use and erverything works fine until some days ago, as problems become noticeable with HDD1, means red light an a decraded mode.

I figured out, how to solve this error (formatted the erroneous disk was sufficient) and I started the function rebuild raid. But shortly after starting this process a kind of panic crept over me, because the question arrose: what if this rebuild raid process is formatting all my hdds and all of my data is lost?

Yes, stupid do not inform me before starting this process about its possible consequences, sometimes we all do stupid thing, very sad, especially I have no backup of this 10TB data because I thought a Raid10 should be a good backup too.

However, I stopped the process rude, if I remeber correct, with power off, and after a new start, the softwarae/os of the TS said nearly, that the disks are not on the correct order or the order as known and if the problem cannot be solved, ther raid must the rebuild, only with the optin to abort.

I purchased a SATA>USB-Adapter, uncase a disk, to see if I can get the data out of it (I'm on Ubuntu), later, with mdadm I can now mount some partitions, even the system I think, but no data I searchd for can be found within the folders.

So at this point I think I need help from people with more expertise in such things, to start, my questions:

1) Does "rebuild raid" with 1 HDD in a Raid10 with 4 HDD effect lost of all data in this raid during rebuild?
2) Is there a way to get the raid working again without data-lost and with the terastation-software "out of the box"?
3) If not, what can I do to a) get it work again or b) get my data out of all of the 3 disks?

And what data should I provide?



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For future reference all around:

If you have a bad drive on a TeraStation, do -not- attempt to rebuild to it. Call support for a replacement! We see a surprising number of people attempting to rebuild back onto a drive that has been booted out of the array. If you aren't in warranty, then replace it.

Support in EU can refer you to a good data recovery service.

**A single copy of data, even on a RAID array, is NOT a backup! Hard drive failure is not a question of IF, but WHEN! Don't take my word for it, take Google's!**


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Thanks for your answer.