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LAN Cable Voluntary Replacement / UL compliance
« on: December 17, 2018, 12:15:59 pm »
•   Previously, some of our products shipped to our customers included LAN cables in their packages which did not satisfy the flame resistant standard.

The affected LAN cable product series mentioned above include the following:
LinkStation LS210D, LS220D, LS420D, LS441D, LS520D series
TeraStation TS1200D, TS1400D, TS1400R, TS3210D, TS3410D, TS3410R, WSH5610 series
•   There is no possibility for the cable to ignite by itself. However, in case it catches fire for any possible reason, it just takes longer for the fire to burn itself out.
•   There are no issues in the LAN cable’s performance of data transfer.
•   For the end-users who wish to receive a new replacement LAN cable with flame resistant material, we will ship it to you. Please contact us at You will not return the old cable.

We will only be shipping to US / Canada and Latin America. If you have a unit in a different region, contact support in that region. A proof of purchase will be needed, and we can provide one cable per valid serial number of the above series.
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