Author Topic: Post firmware update, can't access via web  (Read 953 times)


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Post firmware update, can't access via web
« on: February 28, 2019, 09:07:24 am »
Terastation TS3400D. Just did an update to the firmware to 1.91, not sure what the original was. System came back up, I can access shares fine via UNC from PC's, however, when I try to access management via web browser (from multiple browsers on muntiple machines) the screen is just blank.  If I add /detail.html (the default page?) it shows some fields from the login page, but the page is incomplete.

Any idea why?


UPDATE: So the device is in another building.  Went over to that building, and looked at the device itself, and one of the drives had failed.  So, I shut down the device, replaced the drive, restarted the device, pressed function button for 5 sec to use new drive.

Now, I can get to the device via UNC still. I can ping it. BUT, now there are two problems: 1. I cannot access via web (still) so, 2. I cannot tell the system to start rebuilding the array (it's stuck in degraded mode). 

So, now a second question: is there a way to tell the unit to rebuild the array WITHOUT being able to access the web interface?

thanks again.

Update 2: ran console on the page, found the problem: nsapi failed to load resource (500 error)
 Ext.utils.MsgBox.showMessage(title, message, icon, callback, [], checkbox);
so it's definitely the terastation failing, not some local cache or network issue.
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Re: Post firmware update, can't access via web
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2021, 08:11:32 pm »
I have exactly the same problem, has there been any fix for this?