Author Topic: Buffalo WebAccess Icon not in 'other' section of "This PC" of W10 File Explorer  (Read 613 times)


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I am running a corporate domain attached laptop with Windows 10. I had to get help desk to be able to install WebAccess on it, as I do not have administrative rights to the machine. I did not get any error messages and the trayicon is available.
Additionally, WebAccess seems to be correctly configured in the NAS, as I can access my LS-WVL from my iPhone and through, via any web browser.
What I can not do is access my drive by creating an icon under the 'Buffalo Webaccess' icon in File Explorer's 'other' section, as neither is there, i.e. no 'others' nor a 'Buffalo WebAccess' icon.
I infer that this might be authorization or configuration related, but have not found any useful threads when doing an online search.
Any suggestions?