Author Topic: LS220DE - Unable to browse partitions with NAS Navigator version 2.93  (Read 1497 times)

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I'm a happy owner of an LS220DE NAS (with two 3TB WD Red hard drives) that I've been successfully using on my WIN10-Pro 64-bit laptop with NAS Navigator version 2.78 for almost two years.
Recently, however, I had to reinstall both on another desktop PC and on a mini-PC that I use as media center for my stereo system, the operating system (always WIN10-Pro 64 bit) using the new executable NAS Navigator version 2.93 (the only one currently available) and here started the problems.

Despite checking and comparing the network policies, changing the user names on both PCs and making them the same as those of the working poratile PC, although I can correctly address the NAS by opening the web settings from both PCs, after a month of attempts I just can not browse the shares to make mappable the logical partitions existing on my NAS from their two PCs.

And this despite the fact that on the laptop that uses NAS Navigator version 2.78, everything works great.

Unfortunately I also lost the original installation file of NAS Navigator version 2.78 and that you can't find in the web.

I'm almost to the point of buying a new Synology NAS or QNAP.

Has anyone encountered the same problem?


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Re: LS220DE - Unable to browse partitions with NAS Navigator version 2.93
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2019, 09:28:55 am »
This has absolutely nothing to do with NAS Navigator. That software only allows you to view Buffalo NAS devices on the network, it does not affect access. The most likely scenario is that you have one system with SMB 1 enabled and the others don't.