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Link Station Quad Pro (4-1TB's)


I have a Link Station LS-QVL (RAID 5) that I was using with my Windows XP and it worked fine. However, I did stop using it because it filled up and I was not able to upgrade HDD's, except one that died (after a couple of backups) where I replaced the existing WD Green 1-TB HDD with a WD Red (Non-Pro) 2TB HDD. Now since upgrading to Windows 10 PRO, the original software will not install because the popup window says that it cannot see the drive. I am not an IT person, but I know enough to look in the Device Manager where it is NOT seen. I downloaded/unzipped the Firmware Updater 1.74 for Windows, but nothing happens. What software/drivers do I need to do to install to get my Link Station working properly with Windows 10? If the Updater 1.74 is correct, what am I not doing? Can anyone help? Thanks

This is the most likely problem:


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