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LinkStation LS-X (LS-X1.0TL) OS Install

Hello All:

Can someone provide me with some information for a LinkStation LS-X (LS-X1.0TL). The Hard-drive on it got damaged and I want to add a new drive.  I chat with one of the Buffalo support and they recommended that I need to perform a TFTP Boot, find the image and I was able to find it in this forum.

I am hoping someone can get back to me with this information. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

You should be able to load the firmware on a new drive by

1. Extracting the needed boot files from the firmware updater:

2. Boot into EM mode either via TFTP or directly loading the files onto the new drive:

3. Install the firmware using the firmware updater in Debug mode:
Thank you for the quick reply. I will give this a try sometime this week.

Very much appreciated.
so I copied these two files (initrd.buffalo and uImage-88f5182.buffalo) Placed both files in TFTP Boot Recovery folder, launched TFTP and I'm stuck here. See below

listening On:
listening On:
listening On:
permitted clients: all
server port range: all
max blksize: 65464
defult blksize: 512
default interval: 3
overwrite existing files: No
thread pool size: 1

accepting requests..
Client C:\Users\Leonardo\Desktop\TFTP Boot Recovery-LS_Live-2.10\uImage.buffalo, 3584 Blocks Served
Client C:\Users\Leonardo\Desktop\TFTP Boot Recovery-LS_Live-2.10\initrd.buffalo, 8604 Blocks Served

Looks like a good start, are tou able to see the device in LSUpdater?


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