Author Topic: Going into EM upon restarts (Linkstation ProDuo)  (Read 693 times)


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Going into EM upon restarts (Linkstation ProDuo)
« on: December 08, 2018, 08:12:43 am »
After successfully setting up the LS I put it to the auto setting to power down and restart when a computer on the network was switched on. This resulted in the LS going into emergency mode, and the re-installation of the firmware. When I got back to fully working state I opted to just leave the LS powered on continually, and it has sat there working perfectly for about two months now.

However yesterday it was necessary to switch it off (to move the unit it is sitting on for some work I was doing in the house).Today, once everything was back in place, I powered up the LS and the same going into emergency has happened. Has anyone got a clue as to why this happens? Both drives in it were comprehensively tested with Seatools and with Western Digital's version of disk checking software before using them, and all tests passed. Now I accept that a disk fault can occur at any time, and that tests are only a snapshot of the state at the time of testing, but the fact that a successful recovery by re-installing firmware and updating could be done points further away from a faulty HDD.

That white bearded, fat man in a red suit is unlikely to drop me a newer NAS down the chimney so I'm still going to be reliant on this earlier little box of tricks. But I would be a little more pleased if it would stop playing those tricks on me.
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