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« on: December 03, 2018, 09:27:45 pm »
I have a LS-WXL (LinkStation Duo) with 2x 2TB drives in a RAID1. My drives are almost full and want to change the configuration to a RAID0 to use both drives. I also have my data backedup in the cloud, just incase one of the disks fail, but I want to keep a local copy.

Usually, I keep one drive pulled out and resync my drives every 6 months or so. But if I delete the RAID1 to create a RAID0, I understand it will delete the data on the disk that is currently connected. But I want to know what will happen if I push the second disk back in. after the RAID is deleted. Will I be able to access the data or will the NAS automatically wipe this drive or force a reformat when I push it in.

My intention is to split the RAID and just have two standalone disks, but I do not want to loose my current data as it would take forever to download it back to the NAS from the cloud.