Author Topic: Drivestation HD-GD2.0U3 Critical Firmware?  (Read 662 times)


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Drivestation HD-GD2.0U3 Critical Firmware?
« on: November 21, 2018, 05:20:04 pm »
Amazon records show that I have owned this drive since January 2014. It has been used very little, mainly sitting in the box in my closet as deep storage of family pics and music. I retrieved it to use yesterday to find that every computer that I attach it to (three desktops and a laptop) state that it has malfunctioned and cannot be recognized (device manager reports invalid descriptor). I did some research and see that there was a firmware update in 2016 that was listed as "critical to prevent device failure". This firmware not installed as the device was not in use. I cannot install it now as it is not recognized by windows. I have jumped through all kinds of hoops trying to get it recognized to no avail. Any suggestions?