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Does Buffalo support PureVPN?

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Does Buffalo support PureVPN? I came across their deal which is quite cheaper because of black friday and I'm looking to buy it. But only if  Buffalo supports them

May be. Stumble upon the Cyber week deal by them

Save 88% On PureVPN's Cyber Monday Deal 5-Year Plan @ $1.32/m 

And just in case if it's too late, here the excerpt of Christmas Deals

PureVPN is offering a week-long promo. Now, anyone can get the lifetime subscription plan of  for as low as $79.

PureVPN has offered an 88% discount, allowing you to save a humongous $578 on your subscription. Like all good things that will end one day, PureVPNís 88% Off is only valid through Christmas season Week. Get your subscription today!

Christmas Season/Week 5 Year Plan 88% Off

And the same deal with a beautiful unlocked for the holiday season is on it's spree.

Just reading out this post and found out PureVPN New Year VPN Sale of 88% Off on 5-Year Plan: $1.32/m at


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