Author Topic: LinkStation Pro Duo - LS-W2.0TGL/R1 Firmware Update & SMB1 to SMB2 Protocol  (Read 706 times)


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I have a LinkStation Pro Duo - LS-W2.0TGL/R1 that I've used for years. Recently with Windows 10 it no longer shows up because of SMB1 security protocols being out of date. I have figured out a work around on the PC side so I can still access the files on a short term basis. I need to update the firmware so that after I finish my clean install of Windows 10 the drive will show up on my network and hopefully use the SMB2 security protocol. This is the issue I've run into.

I attempted to update using the install file from this link. File name ls-series-v174. However it did not identify my drive on the network when it scanned for it.

I then found the link to this install file (lswtglv3-310b) for versions running, which is what my drive has. However, that file appears to have been last updated in 2016.

Since I have my work around I am waiting to attempt to update the firmware using lswtglv3 after I've successfully moved all of my files back to the fresh Windows 10 install. Once that is complete I want to continue using the drive and have it appear on my network.

My questions are:

1 - does the lswtglv3-310b file provide SMB2 security? If it does not...

2 - will the drive show up for the ls-series-v174 firmware update file after I've updated using the lswtglv3-310b update file? Basically is it a multi-step firmware update to get it up-to-date because of the age?

3 - if neither of those firmware updates update to SMB2 what do I need to do to get my drive updated so that it appears on my network without the PC work around and so that my drive is secure?


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1. No, only SMB1.
2. No, the 1.74 is for a completely different unit.
3. The LS-WTGL/R1 is over 10 years old, time to upgrade the NAS.
PM me for TFTP / Boot Images / Recovery files  LSRecovery.exe file.