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Good afternoon,

I have a Linkstation with the following information:

LS-WXL Series
LS-W2.0TL / R1

He has :
     - Tray 1 - HD 1.5Tb Seagate S / N 9V24SPP - ST31500341AS
     - Tray 2 - HD 1TB Seagate S / N 5VP5YG0Y ST31000528AS
The hard drive of Tray 1 has my files, such as: Photos, Database (MYSQL Active) I use as backup, Source Codes (Delphi and PHP) lately was compiling everything straight into the folder on it ie I am without backup, Digitized Books also work with acquisitions digitization).
Storage started to appear a red light ... it started catching ...
Then he started by locking, unplugging, and connecting, and to gain access to the shared folders.
Finally, I saw that there was a new version of the firmware, and when updating it gave one of those fights, did not complete the update and did not "open" but on NASNAVIGATOR.

I open the router and I see that an ip is not added to it (it was even configured with ip and the router had reserved the same ip ....
I got this HD that was in Tray 1 and using ReclaiMe File Recovery software, I can see the entire structure ... that is, the data is there ...

When I put the 2 HDs or just 1 on the Linkstation ... the first blue light stays on, then an orange that flashes 1 time long and 6 times short, and does not turn off, I have to take it off the power supply to turn it off.

The network cable connected and does not "receive" ip from the router, already tried it with a crossover cable and nothing ...
How do I access it again or "reset" this firmware or the linkstation system.

thanks in advance