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ls-q4.0tl/r5 not initializing


Hello all, I have an older linkstation  model ls-q4.0tl/r5 which i bought used to try to recuperate my data on my older linkstation (same model) (did not work). so I parked mu linkstation and build a nas4free box. all is working fine. However now i need a backup solution so I was thinking of reviving the linkstation. i bought 4 new WD 2TB Red and installed them into the link station.  I no longer have the original cd with the  linkstation software.  In powering up the linkstation and follwoing the web pages instructions, my linkstation have been initializing for over 1 hour (red light blinking 6 times and bottom blue light blinking rapidly). The lan light is blinking green  however my router does not see the linkstation. I  downloaded nasnave 2.93 and it does not see the linkstation.

1) what am i missing?
2) what am i doing wrong?
3) can anyone please send me (or point me to where i can download )an image of the installation disk?

Thank you all in advance for your help

my email address is :-[

Rgds Willliam

You need the recovery image to install it onto the Linkstation.

Thank you for your prompt reply where do i get the recovery image? as mentioned i  no longer have any buffalo disks


--- Quote from: davo on August 28, 2018, 07:57:36 am ---You need the recovery image to install it onto the Linkstation.

--- End quote ---

Hello  Davo what do you mean by "PM me for TFTP / Boot Images / LSRecovery.exe file" (what is PM)?

and sorry for these belated reply. I do not login here often...not sure if i can subscribe and receive the replies via email....


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