Author Topic: LS-WVL Duo - iPhone photo importing issues  (Read 427 times)


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LS-WVL Duo - iPhone photo importing issues
« on: August 01, 2018, 02:28:00 am »
Hi, apologies if this has been answered, I have tried looking but its a needle in a haystack.

Firstly my Linkstation is patched with what I think is the latest available at 1.74, same goes for my iPhone 6s Webaccess app.

I want to copy all the 2k+ photos from my iPhone to the Linkstation & keep them in the album grouping as created on the iPhone, keeping them in the album grouping is "key" here, I can synch the iPhone/photos to my PC first and then I can drag & drop them onto the Linkstation & that works fine but you LOOSE the album structure (metadata) going from iPhone -> PC.

so the problems I am getting in trying to achieve the above are:

1. Using the Webaccess app takes ages to upload and is constatntly timing out at random time periods, it works fine on a phone with a few photos only.

2. I know the Direct copy USB port on the back of the Linkstation is for USB/storage devices but can I make it work with my iPhone plugged in directly, I get the "Blue" copy light when i press the "function" button but a message pops up on the iphone screen about access & before you can acknowledge it the Linkstation blue/copy light has gone out - I am not sure if direct iPhone copy is supported.

thanks for your help, Mark.