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Accessing bridge unit's admin page
« on: July 21, 2018, 12:39:33 pm »
Hey - I have two WSR-1166DD-WRT routers.  One is in the house(Switch set to Router) and then another is in a detached garage and its switch is set to wireless bridge.  I had no trouble setting these up about 1 year ago and everything works great.  However, the secondary, or slave unit whose function switch is set to "Wireless bridge" is  invisible on the network.  I can't get to its admin page unless I turn it back to Router mode. 

The main router does not "see" it in the status pages and I can't seem to guess an ip address.   I've tried scan tools like Finq.  While I understand bridging well enough to understand an aspect of bridging is to be seamless, it seems it would also set up a client with an IP to serve up the admin pages if nothing else.  I figure I am doing something wrong or there is an easier way to get to the admin page.

Any hints?