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TS3000R Strange behavior after power failure
« on: June 15, 2018, 12:38:54 am »
I have a TeraStation 3000 rackmount 12 TB unit. I have been using it without problems for some time. I have had power outages and it has always done fine - it runs off a Liebert GXT4-1500RT120 - UPS - 1350 Watt

So since the system was running fine, I did something stupid, trying to improve it... I connected a USB cable between the TeraStation and the UPS

We had a power outage. Now the TeraStation is acting funny:

it boots up OK and seems to be running normally, but after a few minutes the display goes red and it displays the E10 UPS Running Off Battery error.  The UPS was running off battery at one time, but it is no longer. I would like to clear out this error message, but when I go to the management page -> UPS Sync it says: cannot confirm the status of synchronization. I can play with the settings, then the unit resets and seems happy for a few minutes before again going red.

I now see that the Liebert UPS connections are for a proprietary communication system for use with some software called Liebert Multilink that runs on a server. I have a file server running Plex which is using the Terastation. If I connect the UPS signalling to the server and install Liebert's Multilink, I can get that signal going, but is there a way to get the power fail signal to the Teralink?

Any ideas?

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Re: TS3000R Strange behavior after power failure
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 01:47:21 am »
maybe your ups is not compatible with buffalo

recommendet devices for linkstation

ask buffalo for a device for terastations
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Re: TS3000R Strange behavior after power failure
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You might also try turning off UPS sync and then re-sync them.