Author Topic: Quad LS-QVL/E-AP Constant flashing/blinking blue power light Cant access  (Read 637 times)


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Constant flashing/blinking blue power light (front top corner).   I cant power it off other than pulling the power out...
All 4 HDD lights are green.

Cant Access through the Software and also cant find the IP,  checked DHCP, IP scan of subnet, also confirmed its not on the EM mode IP   which i think is

If i pull the cord ,, hold function button and press power ,let go of function and press again, it will have 2 blue flashing/blinking lights for power and function on the front of the unit... Still not luck...  If i power off and back on, only top power blue blinking/flashing will come up not the function light... still doenst work.

Back of the unit has 2 green lights on for power and network.

I cant risk losing any of the data as I don't have a backup... 


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  • Giving you some breathing space.
If you need your data order 4 new harddisks and make clones of your old disks.
Then try to start the clones as raid 5 with mdadm