Author Topic: Having trouble using TeraStation-3010 Series - via VLAN Network - Problem Solved  (Read 1474 times)


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I configured our newly purchased TS3410RN to use as archive area for some of our company infrequently used data.   

I used DHCP to connect Lan1 and Lan2 to two different subnets. (i.e.  LAN1 10.10.100.x  and LAN2 10.10.1.x)  I needed to be able to access the NAS from any of our servers which were on other subnets (VLAN) on our company network.   

I found that the I was only able to reach the NAS from systems on the 10.10.100.x or network.   

In order to reach the other VLAN's I had to edit the properties of the Network settings.   The default gateway under network settings was set to 'unassigned'.  Even though I used  DHCP to obtain IP address, subnet, gateway and dns settings, for some reason this field was not updated on the TeraStation.   I had to manually update the gateway and point it to the LAN1 settings.   

After doing this I was able to successfully access the NAS from any of my VLAN's using the LAN1 port as the gateway.     


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Since the TeraStation can only have one gateway and both ports were assigned a (presumably different) gateway, you need to tell the unit which gateway to use.