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I am not sure if this will work for everyone but I figured it might help someone since there is limited info for this issue, so here is how I got it working. 


Install your drivers to your XP machine fropm whatever source your have - I had to get mine at and installed from an .exe file.


The go use Add Printer : "Add Printer Wizard" > "A Network printer or one attached to another computer" > "Connect to this printer".


When I got to this stage I typed in \\ and then the workgroup for the buffalo, which for me was "BUFFALO". It will actually show up in the dropdown if your computer can "see" the printer server on the network. 


(TIP: if needed, check under My Network Places > Entire Network > MS Windows Network > Workgroup to see what yours is called.)


Once you had added the path, it will likely error and allow you to select the Hardware Manufacture and driver, or give you the option to use the "Have Disk..." feature. I could not find the correct printer in the list given, and the have disk was not working when I browsed to the extracted drivers I downloaded.  So I picked anything just to get in to add any printer from HP.  


After it added the printer, and even tho it gave me an error, I was then able to go to the properties of the printer and go to the Advanced tab to select the driver I installed beforehand.


Of note: I am not sure if this Advanced tab was only available because of the random driver I did select or not, so good luck! If I learn any more on this topis I will update this post. 







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Re: Printer Server With Windows XP - possible trick for getting it to work.
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Thank you for your post, sriddle003. Here is some further explanation, and another method for the printer connection.


The printer driver must be installed on the client machine for it to be able to print using the NAS print server. Installing the printer locally on the computer will ensure that the printer driver is installed correctly.


Multifunction printers are not well supported due to lack of bidirectional communication with the NAS, but in many cases the print functionality will work fine. With HP multifunction printers, it is sometimes necessary to obtain the pure printer driver that doesn't include the full multifunction drivers.


Another method for connecting to the NAS device's print server is Start->Run (or Windows Key + R), type in \\<ip_address_of_NAS>, and hit OK. Once the NAS root comes up, right click on the "LP" folder, and click "Connect". Go through the add printer wizard, and select your printer from the list (most of the time it should show up). An easy test to see that it's working is to type something into Notepad and try to print it.