Author Topic: LS441D: Definitive YES/NO answer for possible Linux Debian instead of stock FW?  (Read 549 times)


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There are many references to other Linkstation models able to run Linux Debian as an OS in lieu of the stock Buffalo Firmware. This would be very useful for a means of extending the lifetime of the aging Linkstation LS441D product line. Yet there seems to be no direct reference found after searching the web with better search engines than "the big G".

There are better search engines than "the big G" - eg. QWANT, Bing, DDG, Ecosia, and many others. Try them. You'll see. Some of them even pay YOU or benefit great causes, unlike "G".

After attempting to post to a few threads that contain tutorials or guides on how to install Linux Debian on other specific models of Linkstation NAS devices, there still has been no clear and definitive answer on whether or not this has ever been done on a LS441D successfully.

Has anyone reading this post been able to accomplish installing Linux Debian (preferably Ubuntu, perhaps CentOS, but vanilla Debian would be just fine too) on a 4-bay Buffalo Linkstation LS441D?

Please share your answers and experience, either way (yes or no).


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     I'm pleased to say that as of the last couple of days the answer is a definitive yes. I've been working for a while now on adapting the process others have written about for getting various flavors of linux running on the ls421de with a custom compiled kernel. As of a few months ago I've been able to modify that process to make it work on Debian Stretch with Debian's vanilla armhf kernel. Apt can even update the kernel using flash-kernel to handle generating the uImage's similar to how mainline support for the V-series devices works.

Once I got that working I adapted the device tree to work on the ls441d, ls421de, ls420d and ts1400r (I went a little overboard on eBay).

I've got a partial write up of the installation process put together and am currently looking for a suitable place to host it and associated device trees (dts/dtb files). I'll probably set up a github account for this purpose in the coming days. 

Let me know if you'd be interested on trying it out, I'd appreciate someone other than me walking through it and providing feedback before I publish anything.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Materials I've referenced in the process:

LS421DE dts and build process examples:

dts examples (that I couldn't make work) for the ls441d, ls421de and ls420d

ssh-based Debian install image to simplify boot strapping a debian image

another example of packaging debian kernels and bootstraping images