Author Topic: LS441D - How to Resize a RAID 5 Array after adding 4th HDD Instead of hot spare?  (Read 1963 times)


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Initially, all 4 matching 3TB WD Red NAS HDD's were configured as:
Array 1: Single 3TB HDD "Partition" (JBOD / Hot Spare)
Array2: Three 3TB HDD in a RAID5 configuration

This was initially thought to be the "safest" possible configuration, though after a few years of never using the space on the single 3TB "Hot Spare" and having less than desirable data transfer speeds, the switch to a 4 drive RAID5 was made.

Now, the performance is VASTLY improved, however the capacity of the RAID5 array is limited to the original size of:
(3 - 1[parity disk]) x 3TB = 6TB

Rather than the desired:
(4 - 1[parity disk]) x 3TB = 9TB

While content with the significant boost in performance by adding the 4th disk to the RAID5 Array, losing 3TB of data capacity is a MAJOR issue. (And frankly, wasteful of perfectly good disk space)

There are no apparent options to resize RAID5 Arrays on the admin panel of the LS441D.

Can this be done without reformatting all disks?

Can this be done WITH OUT data loss?

Please advise.


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