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TS1400D stops responding
« on: December 07, 2017, 06:52:31 am »
We're having an issue with a TerStation device, at random intervals the device stops responding to everything but PING. 

We can't access the device using NAs navigator (doesn't even see the device online), can't access using web interface and can't access the shares using Explorer. 

There are no warning lights on the device (power and HDD lights are lit normally). 

To get it back online / accessible we have to power cycle the device. 

After restarting, if we check the logs they show, event logging every 10 minutes UNTIL the device stops responding, then nothing at all in the logs until it power cycled:

Dec  6 06:53:27 TS1400D237 temp0=73 temp1=48
Dec  6 07:03:33 TS1400D237 temp0=73 temp1=48
Dec  6 07:13:38 TS1400D237 temp0=73 temp1=48
Dec  6 07:23:44 TS1400D237 temp0=73 temp1=48
Dec  6 07:33:51 TS1400D237 temp0=75 temp1=48
Dec  6 07:43:56 TS1400D237 temp0=73 temp1=48
Dec  6 07:54:01 TS1400D237 temp0=72 temp1=48   <----- device stopped responding here
Dec  6 10:16:10 TS1400D237 linkstation: Started logchkd           <----- device was power cycled and started up
Dec  6 10:16:10 TS1400D237 linkstation: Started inetd
Dec  6 10:16:10 TS1400D237 linkstation: Started errormon
Dec  6 10:16:11 TS1400D237 linkstation: Started kernelmon
Dec  6 10:16:11 TS1400D237 miconmon: disabling watchdog time


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Re: TS1400D stops responding
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2018, 11:38:08 am »
We are having the exact same issue with a client's device. The only solution has been to power cycle it every time it stop responding.

I have an open ticket with their support. They have taken several days to respond on the issue. The single phone call I received was after normal hours for the business where the device is housed. They were supposed to call me back this morning at 11:00 am EST and have yet to do so.

The person I spoke to though, informed me that their best option would be to wipe the entire device and rebuild from scratch doing some kind of firmware level restore process. Luckily this device is not holding anything mission critical for the client but when you're only resolution to a problem is wipe the client's entire data set and start over, that's not a good solution for most businesses.


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Re: TS1400D stops responding
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2018, 04:38:14 pm »
What exactly are you using it for?

You can look at the SMB log and see if there was a significant amount of load at time of use. Hit CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-B in the UI to get the tarball. The SMB log is file.smb.

Only time I've seen this happen regularly is if it gets hammered with many many small files for extended timeframes. Depending on your use case, it may not be enough machine for your needs. Had a customer using one of these as a Veeam replication target (!) which was more than the poor little guy could take.
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