Author Topic: Unable to Link, Unable to Restore to Factory Settings, hd-h1.0tgl/r5  (Read 834 times)


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I have six old TeraStations hd-h1.0tgl/r5 I am trying to recover data from. I hooked them up to my computer and activated the NAS Navigator 2. I am on OSX Yosemite, Version 10.10.5.

All six stations do not seem to be linking, with the linking light remaining blue, but they do come up on NAS Navigator. Though they are unable to be opened.

Restored them to their factory settings via the init button on back, and though at first it accepted the default password, "password," after a while, despite restoring the settings, it resumed to return a "Wrong password" upon attempting to set the IP Address setting to use DHCP.

Do you have any recommendations to link the servers so I can access the data inside them? Is this some sort of network protocol issue?