Author Topic: Upgrade LS-CH1.0TL U2 faster drive.  (Read 1103 times)


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Upgrade LS-CH1.0TL U2 faster drive.
« on: January 26, 2019, 07:36:23 pm »
I have a LS-CH1.0TL U2 and it is painfully slow.

One comment I hear over and over is that the HDD is probably wearing down or was a slow drive in the first place.

I cannot seem to find actual specs on the standard drive so first a few questions.

  • Is it IDE or SATA?
    What is the make and model, RPM r/w speed Cash etc?

Drives are getting cheaper and I already have two unused new 1TB drives. For my needs my upgrade needs faster file serving not more space.

I read an earlier post on this which is already more than five years old with no new replies and no clear answer.  Topic went back and forth about flashing the NAS firmware to an ext partition.

I think what I might try if this seems appropriate is to take out the current drive and using external cables to attach to PC run clone software to duplicate contents from old to new bit by bit. That should result in the new drive looking exactly like the original..only faster !

Formatting disks on windows PC using MiniPartition tool to linux partitions is no problem. I can also boot linux from a thumb drive or livecd for the process.

Of course the down side to this device is the use of a linux kernel not that linux isn't great but Windows is crap when it comes to reading a linux drive. This device must place something like Samba in between which results in a performance hit.

Strange how linux can read an NTFS partition just worries but the good developers at MS have not found out how to make Windows read a linux partition.

So...anyone have info on the official original HDD?

Anyone cloned that HDD to a newer faster drive with good success?

Thanks much for any useful feed back. ( By useful I mean don't ask why I dont do something else or buy something else etc as those are not answers to the actual questions I ask ! )


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Re: Upgrade LS-CH1.0TL U2 faster drive.
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2019, 12:32:34 am »
Anyone cloned that HDD to a newer faster drive with good success?

The LS-CHLV2 is the slowest device from the Kirkwood series.

LS-CHLV2 600MHz  reading 24MB/s writing 12MB/s
LS-XHL 1200MHz   
LS-VL 1600MHz      reading 75MB/s writing 45MB/s

all available SATA-drives biggen than 1TB will write and read fasten than 50MB/s
the used drive is not the bottleneck

If your nas is slower than 24MB/s you are using 100MBit Ethernet or WLAN


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Re: Upgrade LS-CH1.0TL U2 faster drive.
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2020, 05:12:19 pm »
No it IS Gigabit Ethernet not to say Link station can accommodate gigabit.

I don't think based on my experience with this I would ever buy another Buffalo NAS due to the sloooooo response of the drives.

It's not just slow read/write it is slow about everything.

I made the decision to reformat rather than wait for files to delete to repurpose for music file.  BIG MISTAKE !!

I have wiped 1TB drives in a pc, reformatted, reinstalled OS and programs and been back up running in half a day after a lightning strike...including installing a new MOBO.

I clicked the "erase option" on this link station over 24 hours ago and it is still not done!!!

Cannot believe how retarded this device much so that once it is finally back to factory default I may just sell on eBay for a few buck and buy something faster than grandma with her walker.

Please tell me all newer NAS they make are far superior to this turtle!