Author Topic: Unable to join to domain controller - Windows 2016  (Read 319 times)


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Unable to join to domain controller - Windows 2016
« on: November 30, 2017, 07:31:27 pm »
Terastation TS-XE4.0TL/R5
 follow every instruction out there
Create a user service account on the AD make sure has administrators rights
Create a computer account on the AD
Make sure the delegate & trust
SMB Enabled
make sure my DNS match the AD IP
Add A host record in my DNS
make sure time is sync to the second.
disable the LAN2 on terastation just in case.
Make sure I entered the right password and username
try to enter the AD IP to the NETBIOS name instead of the domain name

Nothing help same error
"Failed to join Active Directory Domain.
Please check the Active Directory Domain setting information, Administrator user name and password. Also, make sure that your network settings are correct."

Please help don't want to use it as paper weight.