Author Topic: Linkstation DUO - LS-WXL - Windows Network Discovery finds NAS intermittent.  (Read 561 times)


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Hello, maybe it does not belong here but I ask anyhow.
Have a Linkstation DUO in a small network 14 Windows 10 Clients, 3 Printers etc

All file-shares are presented and always available to the users, wenn opening the file explorer and start browsing the network the NAS appears amongst PCs that are connected to the network, repeating this a few times and the NAS disappears not to be seen again for some time till it appears again. While when using Navigator-2 the NAS appears every time you double click on the NAS icon and the file explorer opens. Now i have been up and down network config settings on the clients without been able to  solve the issue.
What I do not understand how does the Navigator 2 manage to present the NAS ever time in explorer? or Maybe somebody else had a similar issue and solved it?

any help appreaciate

Thanks Thomas


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I have no solution but since one of the recent Win10 upgrades, cannot "see" my two Buffalo NAS under windows file explorer network selection whereas was no problem before this.  Other web sites suggested making sure SMB and Netbios but these "fixes" have not fixed my problem.  Have you received a workaround?  Thanks, C-


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  • Giving you some breathing space.
If you use O&O ShutUp 10

do not disable
NCSI (ActiveProbing)

check this setting with ShutUp