Author Topic: wireless network intermittently drops connection (Buffalo WHR-G125)  (Read 2106 times)


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This situation is driving me nuts, particularly because my wife works from home using via internet. We just moved into a different house. Had the same problem before and after the move.
Motorola Surfboard 5120
Buffalo WHR-G125
Motorola VT1005 (Vonage adapter)
Netgear WGPS606 wireless print server

our cordless phones are Panasonic DECT 6.0, Uniden 5.8GHZ, and 900MHz (Panasonic)

The connection seems to drop 2-3 times daily. I've tried changing the channel on the router, to no avail. Most of the time, our Vonage service remains intact, and we have to unplug and replug the router to resume the internet connection. Doing the repair option in Windows doesn't fix it. There are several wireless networks in our neighborhood that are detected by my wireless card, so I was thinking interference could be an issue and that is why I've changed the channel multiple times.I updated the router to DD-WRT firmware the other day but the problem remained (as I expected). Sometimes the wireless signal from the router is intact, but I can't access the internet. Thinking that the router was likely defective, I bought another G125 yesterday at Circuit City(with the intention of getting the first one fixed through RMA). This unit was clearly a return, as the plastic bags inside had been opened and the adapter cord was rolled up by hand. It seemed to function fine through the night (my laptop didn't have any errors indicating dropped connection overnight), but this afternoon the connection dropped again.
I'm getting close to wits end. Does anyone have any suggestions or factors I should consider? The Buffalo isn't the first router I've had, so I'm wondering what the defective link(s) might be.Just to be clear, two different laptops lose the signal every time, so it is not a problem with the wireless card.

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Re: wireless network intermittently drops connection (Buffalo WHR-G125)
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The G125 hasn't been made in over 10 years I'd say. No way are these anywhere near New, they are also obsolete tech.
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Re: wireless network intermittently drops connection (Buffalo WHR-G125)
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What's the location of the Circuit City you bough it from? Haven't they all been shut down?