Author Topic: Recovering LS-WSGL143 with RAID Array Error  (Read 523 times)


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Recovering LS-WSGL143 with RAID Array Error
« on: November 01, 2017, 09:12:50 pm »
I have a LS-WSGL143 (two 500GB drives, RAID 1) with firmware version 1.06 that has been running reliably since 2009.
Recent Observations:
Red LED is blinking 3 times which, according to the manual means: “Partition problem with hard drive. Reformat the hard drive.”
After logging into the NAS, Under Disk Management for Disk 1, RAID Array 1 it says:
“An error in a RAID Array has been detected.
This model does not support exchange HDD and rebuilding RAID array.
Please contact the local agency describing in the manual or our web site.”

The drop down for “Target” under Disk Format won’t let me select a target, and it doesn’t appear that I can format either drive.

So my questions are:
1)   Is it possible to format Disk1 and how?
2)   If I’m able to re-format, will it take days like I saw when looking at comments on the forum?
3)   After re-format, will it automatically re-mirror?
4)   If reformatting the existing drive is not possible, will a new drive that is formatted automatically re-mirror?
5)   Anything else I should know about fixing this issue?