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LinkStation 220D & FTP - ** Resolved **
« on: October 13, 2017, 10:34:24 am »

I have a LinkStation 220D. I'm trying to back-up to it using backup4all via ftp. I'm getting a failure with a the backup4all log file saying: Cannot upload file "C:\Users\DRC\AppData\Local\Temp\Softland\Backup4all 6\7PSH1CU8H4203370\" to "/mnt/Array1/DRC_backup/testftp/" (FTP). 550 mnt: Permission denied

If i google the '550 mnt: Permission denied' error i'm told that the error means that the target upload directory does not exist and cannot be created. It seems that this error normally means a lack of permissions.

So it looks like the Linkstation is refusing permission to create the directory and/or upload the file. However, it's worth noting that, with the same user credentials, I can create the directory perfectly well using Filezilla and, even after I have created it (i.e. Filezilla shows it exists on the linkstation) I get exactly the same upload error.

I'm trying to get this to work with a small test file so it's not a file size issue.

Further tests with Filezilla (using the same credentials) work perfectly (i.e. I can ftp files to the DRC_backup folder, create folders, etc.).

Backup4all has an ftp test facility and the test is fine. Furthermore, if I change the Backup4all ftp profile password to an incorrect one the test fails - so I'm happy that the credentials are correct. 

I'm thinking this may be a Linkstation configuration issue. I've created a new user ('drc') on the Linkstation and given that user the same permissions as the default linkstation user 'admin'.  Test have been conducted using user drc but, if i try and use the 'admin' credentials, it fails in exactly the same way (i.e. ftp test connection works & Filezilla works but permission is denied for folder creation/uploading).

As I appear to be unable to attached screenshots:

  • On the main Advanced Settings > file sharing screen ftp is on;
  • Under 'folder set-up', 'drc_backup' has SMB and FTP enabled. Clicking on the folder name shows that 'Attribute: Read & Write', 'access restrictions' are enabled and the users 'admin' and 'drc' have w/r access
  • Under 'users', 'drc' is a member of the both the 'admin' and 'hdusers' group, 'quota' is disabled, primary group is admin
  • Under 'groups', 'drc' is a member of 'admin' and, if i click to edit admin, it shows that the share 'DRC_backup' has W/R permissions. Likewise drc is a member of hdusers and,  i click to edit hdusers, it shows that the share 'DRC_backup' has W/R permissions. 

I can't find any other relevant settings in the web application.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Re: LinkStation 220D & FTP - ** Resolved **
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 04:51:22 am »
Hi, I finally resolved this.

It was a path issue. In the Backup4all FTP client i had specified an incorrect path. The path needs to be set as: /array1/SharedFTP/ where 'array1' is the default volume descriptor and, in this example, 'SharedFTP' is the target directory. My mistake had been to (i) us the prefix '/mnt/' which is apparently for a TeraStation not a Linkstation and (ii) then miss out the initial '/' before the array1.

I had also upgraded to Backup4all v7 but don't think that was pertinent.

Hope this helps someone at some stage.
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