Author Topic: WZR-1750DHPD and Xfinity modem: can't add to network as repeater  (Read 963 times)


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I've been trying for several days to add my Airstation to my network as a wireless repeater bridge. I can go through the process of accessing the Airstation router and making the changes necessary to access the network (I think) but when it reboots I can no longer access it. I think the Xfinity modem changes the IP address but don't know how to fix that. After this I cannot access the Airstation by wire or wireless, and it does not seem to have access to internet (no Internet light). I'm not sure what I'm missing. I've tried to add it to the Xfinity modem by way of adding the MAC address directly and after this it shows up as a connected device but I still can't access it by the IP address that I reserved for it (or should I use DHCP?).