Author Topic: Linkstation Mini LS-WS1.0TGL/R1 Firmware Requests  (Read 6067 times)


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Linkstation Mini LS-WS1.0TGL/R1 Firmware Requests
« on: January 05, 2010, 01:55:11 pm »

Soso - you need to break out your suggestions into separate posts for the idea exchange to work.

I'll freeze this one for you and when you split the three suggestions into three posts, I'll remove this post to keep the idea exchange lounge cleaner.

Thank you - drmemory/admin


11/2009 I bought a buffalo linkstation mini 1TB, firmware 1.06

01/2010 I bought a buffalo livestation 1TB, firmware 1.10


There is a great difference in the look & feel of the admin web interface!

I didn't believe it, when I saw the interface of the linkstaion live!

Half the price of the linkstation mini, double value in look & feel !!!


Please adopt the linkstation live interface with firmware version 1.10 to the ugly interface of the expensive linkstation mini!


The linkstation live has a configurable sleepTimer and a configurable Spindown Option.

Please add these two very important features to the next firmware release of the linkstation mini!


Best regards,