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nassvc.exe Draining Battery when Process is Running


Not sure how necessary nassvc.exe is and if this program can/should be uninstalled or deleted, but it runs at random times and is a HUGE battery drain on both my Surface Pro3 and my laptop.  When this process is running, the cooling fan runs like crazy and the device gets hot. Both devices run Windows 10 Pro and this issue has been a problem for over a yr.  I have recently updated both to the 1703 version of Windows 10 Pro, but there has been no change in the behavior of nassvc.exe wish this update. 

What is the purpose of this program?

Can / should I uninstall or delete this program?

What effect on the operation and maintenance of my NAS should I expect if I uninstall or delete this file?

Thank you.

Im not familiar with the plug-in. Do you have a picture of what the display youre reading says?


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