Author Topic: Easy and Awesome Way to recover Data in XFS Format  (Read 1693 times)


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Easy and Awesome Way to recover Data in XFS Format
« on: July 31, 2017, 08:29:32 am »
I am writing this for any one person who has owned a buffalo NAS product and decided to RAID the device inwhich at some point of ownership, the device has failed and you freak out because you dont know how to get your data back.

I have learned this the hard way to be quite honest - but here is the short on this great idea.

When you tell your Buffalo NAS to raid 0 the drives - the data is stored in an XFS Folder inwhich you cannot access via a Windows computer.  If you not Linux savy, like me, this idea is the best, fastest and the most awesome way to get your data back.

First all, let me provide a link

This amazing software is called Reclaime.  It boasts that is can recover any data stored in XFS.  If you watch the video, the gal is even using a Buffalo Product to demonstrate how you can use Reclaime to retrieve your data. 

I purchased this softare because after wasting 6 hours of trying to retrieve my data I couldn't.  I already knew the data was there, as the trial version of Reclaime already proved it to me. So I then purchased the license agreement, and boom - it started copying my data immediately.  In less that a day (Had almost 2TB of data to retreive) I had all my data back. 

This is TRUELY awesome software for any one who needs to retrieve data stored in a RAID / XFS format.  You know your data is invaluable and often hard to replace.  So the license fee is definately worth it.  Look for coupons while you're at it.

Thanks for reading.


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Re: Easy and Awesome Way to recover Data in XFS Format
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2017, 12:52:37 am »
this is exactly what I'm looking for thanks for sharing mate.