Author Topic: Attention Dropbox users : Update your TS5010/3010/5000 Firmware now!  (Read 2772 times)


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TeraStation 5000, TeraStation 5010, and TeraStation 3010 all have the ability to synchronize to a dropbox bucket.

At the end of June 2017, Dropbox will discontinue the usage of V1 functionality, and any firmware that relies on that API will cease to function!

Fortunately, we've updated the firmware to use V2, so if you are using this functionality, be sure to update!

Versions using Dropbox V2 API:

TS5000 - Firmware 3.51 and later
TS3010 - Firmware 3.12 and later
TS5010 - Firmware 3.12 and later
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