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RAID rebuild taking a long time
« on: April 17, 2017, 03:49:36 am »
Hi All,
I have a LS420D NAS drive with 2 x 3Tb disks set up a a RAID device.
One disk failed so I replaced it and then kicked off the process to recreate / rebuild the RAID.
I know this can take a long time to complete but how long is "too long" ?

It's been nearly 48 hours and it's not finished yet - in fact the progress report hasn't moved from 10% in about 30 hours.
The GUI isn't any more help as all it does is just show the "10% complete" window.

I'm reluctant to kill it off and restart it - just in case it really does take a long time (and maybe the progress bar on these is rubbish and it's going to jump from 10% to 100% in the space of a few seconds) - but i'm pretty sure it's failed.

Any advice on how I can really check the progress or what's the cleanest way to kill it ?

Thanks and regards,