Author Topic: LinkStation 220 firmware not verified, now it shows a solid red power light  (Read 66 times)


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I have a LinkStation 220 LS220DE. A firmware update notice came up tonight, so I started the process of updating it through the web interface. It sat on the updating window for about an hour, and then a dialog box popped up saying the update couldnít be validated (or something like that, I canít remember the exact wording).

Now, a solid red light on the power LED, and both drive lights are also solid red. The NAS isnít reachable by IP via a web browser or the NAS Navigator program. Iíve turned the power switch to off, but itís not shutting down, and the lights havenít changed. Iíve tried resetting it using the Function button but it doesnít respond to it.

How do I unbrick it?