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LS421DE not accessible
« on: March 15, 2017, 03:09:19 pm »
Hi! I would like to kindly ask your help with the following mysterious issue:
We had a power cut few days ago while we were not at home so my Linkstation stayed without electricity for some time. When I got home it was up and running, however since then I am not able to access it through any browser (chrome, mozilla, safari).
When I restart it gives me the message the time and date are not set up correctly and it wants to use it from my computer (I tried both OK and NO but it did not change anything) and it keep repeating this whenever restarted.
I can not manage to access to it's settings even if I try it through a router nor if I connect it directly to my computer with an ethernet cable. It gets an IP and I can see it in the NAS navigator with all the parameters (used space, raid settings, mac address, firmware, etc) but if I right click on it and choose settings it opens mozilla where it is 'unable to connect'. I am also not able to browse it in the shared folder list nor to access it by typing the IP address into the file browser. I have tried this from different equipment (win, ios, phone) but ended up with the same result.
The strange thing is that I am able to see it as a media device I guess because the dlna was enabled and I am able to access to the utorrent by typing the IP and the port into the web browser.
So currently I am locked out and have no idea how can I access to the rest of the content or to the settings. Could anybody help me with this please?
Nas type: LS421DE
Firmware: 1.81