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BS-GS Switches
« on: March 10, 2017, 01:28:55 pm »
I looks like these switches are still being sold, so does Buffalo have any active maintenance that they do in regards to firmware for these devices especially since they are advertised as business switches?  The most recent firmware update for my 16 port model is 2 years old and there are still things that either dont work as expected or could be improved.

Just for example,

since the original firmware on these things, the max password length you have have for management is 8 characters... that seems pretty lame that its that few characters.

Also, the HTTPS management is horribly slow to the point that its not even usable.  When using HTTPS with TLS it takes sometimes 2-3+ minutes for a page to load, if they load at all.

The IPv4 ACL setup is not so much straight forward.  A little more guidance on how and when ACLs are applied to the traffic entering/leaving the port would be nice to understand with this particular switch.  ACL management is disorganized.  ACLs are applied to a port via one menu, but they cannot be absolutely removed from all ports on that same menu, you cannot remove if only 1 port is left that has the ACL assigned.  You have to go to a different menu to completely remove them from the port, or prioritize them or enable/disable them, so somewhat confusing at first glance.

I would still like to see the password length limitation be removed and if Buffalo could get HTTPs management working better it would be nice, but so far with the lack of routine updates to the firmware for these model switches, I would have a hard time using them ever in a business environment.
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