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Replace one of failed RAID-0 Harddisk on the Buffalo LinkStation.

1.   One of the RAID harddisk fail.

1.   Replace the failed harddisk without losing the data.
2.   Rebuild the RAID array which prepare the partition, put the boot function, format the harddisk, and mirroring copy of the healthy harddisk.

1.   Un-Allocated Harddisk the same or bigger size with the correct one.  Un-allocated means the harddisk has no partisi, not formatted, and has no data. Refer to check and prepare the harddisk to be un-allocated one below if needed.

1.   Open the front cover of the LinkStation to find failed mark. The red led is the failed indicator.
2.   Turned OFF the affected LinkStation.
3.   Take out the failed harddisk. Just be carefull since mixed up will result losing the entiry data.
4.   Replace with the un-allocated harddisk. If the harddisk has been formatted or has the data on it, the rebuild function cannot work or disabled and gray. Refer to check and prepare the harddisk to be un-allocated one below.
5.   Turned ON the affected LinkStation.
6.   Use NASNavigator to select the affected NAS LinkStation.
7.   Right Click to go to the WEB SETTING function.
8.   Login as Administrator.
9.   The default are Username = admin and the password = password.
10.   Select SYSTEM and then goto STORAGE and goto RAID ARRAY windows as per picture_01.
11.   Select REBUILT BUTTON. The INFO lamp in LinkStation will become blinking orange. The rebuid process will take hours depend on the harddisk size. My experience, 1TB is more than 3 hours.
12.   DONE. The result is as per Picture_02.

Replaced harddisk has been identified. Error means harddisk still empty.
The Rebuild RAID Array is enable not gray.

Harddisk replacement result indication.
Disk 1 and Disk 2 will become Array_1 depending the Disk Mode.

Check and Prepare Harddisk to be Un-Allocated using Microsoft Windows.

1.   The harddisk need to be in unallocated condition

1.   To make the harddisk to be in unallocated condition using standard Microsoft Windows e.g. Microsoft Windows 7.

1.   Harddisk connection the the computer to edit or create harddisk partition e.g. SATA connection to the computer, SATA connection within the external haddisk casing, and any external harddisk connection.
2.   Running Microsoft Windows that can recognize the new harddisk.

1.   Arrange the new harddisk to be attached to any harddisk connection to computer.
2.   START, find COMPUTER on the Right list of Pop Up START MENU, Right Click while hovering on  it, and then select MANAGE. Refer to Picture_03 below.
3.   Find DISK MANAGEMENT on STORAGE within COMPUTER MANAGEMENT. Refer to Picture_04.
4.   Select the harddisk that need to be checked. Refer to Picture_05.
5.   In this stage, we can delete partition, create partition, format, etc. The mission for Buffalo RAID-0 harddisk replacement is to create harddisk to be un-allocated. Delete the volume. Refer to Picture_06 as the LinkStation requirement.
6.   If the harddisk has several un-allocated volume, delete the volume using the top volume selection. Right click to get the pop-up menu. The result will be as per Disk_1 in Picture_06.
7.   DONE. We can turned off the system for harddisk preparation to be installed in Buffalo LinkStation RAID-0.

How to find Disk Management on Standard Microsoft Windows.

Disk Management selection

How to delete the volume to become un-allocated.

Required Result
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