Author Topic: HELP!!! Linkstation Live corrupted after power failure and cannot recover it  (Read 1581 times)


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All - really need urgent help or guidance.


I have a Linkstation Live 1TB (LS-CH1.0TL-EU model). We had a power failure and I found the NAS not working with rapid continuous flashing blue lights, I rebooted and for a brief time (from what I have since read) it went into EM mode - as I could see it on NasNavi. Very shortly after the indicator flashed amber and then red and kept flashing 6 times (which I think translates to error code E06).


I have trawled the forum and other sites to work out what to do- I have tried the TFTP option but it does not seem to work - I can get the TFTP server to serve blocks but the device does not seem to reboot from E06 back into EM mode - so when I try and run a firmware update the software does not find the NAS.


I am at a loss as what to do.  Can anyone help as I have all of my work data on the NAS and I am worried I will lose it.Key questions I have


- Is there a straightforward way of recovering the NAS or am I missing something in the steps I have taken?

- If I need to (as a plan B) is it possible to remove the drive and access the files directly - if so how do I do this and what do I need?


Thanks for your help.



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There are 2 options available as for getting the unit back into an operational mode, they are in the links to follow:  as for removing the drive there is software available to read the XFS format, also there is professional recovery service available.  Please note you will need to reference your manual or contact tech support for your region for confirmation as doing that will most likely void the warranty.


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I am having the same problem on a Linkstation Duo. Did those links help you restore functionality? Did you lose your data in the process?

Angelsabys: can you update those links, the pages must have moved


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PM me for the TFTP files.
PM me for TFTP / Boot Images / Recovery files  LSRecovery.exe file.